Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Things you should know about Medical Exam Equipment

Medical exam equipment is one of the most imperative equipment that is widely used in numerous health industries including clinics, hospitals and laboratories. It assists the practitioners, nurses and other health care specialists in order to carry out numerous health care procedures.

Although there are many types of equipments used in health care centers and among all of them, medical exam table are most commonly used in medical industry.

Apparently, if you are running any health care center and looking forward to bring these equipment at the center for carrying out various functions then you should get it done.

However, before finalizing which one to buy and from where to buy it is important to know about your requirements and consider budget so that you don’t face any problem in future. Moreover, it is important to have prior knowledge about its parts and components so that you go for the best deal.

In order to gain knowledge about the parts and its components, below are parts and components of medical exam equipment in NYC or elsewhere-

Battery backup
In medical exam table, you may find standard battery pack with its voltage range of 110 VAC or 220 VAC (50/60 Hz). Other than this, you may find many unique features in this type of table including automatic recharge services.

Hand and foot controllers-
Other benefit of this table is hand and foot controller that includes a table height, motion for easy move of the table, and adjustable back in which hand and foot controllers are installed within the table.

Wheels and brakes
Another feature of medical exam table is wheel and brakes that usually come with diameter of five wheels. This will help to move the table from on position to another. Moreover, lock is attached in order to stop the movement of table. If in future you want to unfix the position, you can release the brakes.

Knee crutches-
A knee crutch helps a lot and is the major feature of the table. Whenever the doctors are conducting treatment on the patient, they can easily position the table, with the help of knee crutches. One will also get the opportunity to adjust height and leg angle.

Therefore, if buying medical table, make sure that you look for a reliable place to buy the product so that the quality is not compromised.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

How you can ensure to buy the Correct Medical Tables?

Investing money in a right clinical table is an essential requirement to ensure the diagnosis and treatment procedure. This furniture can be seen in almost in every hospital and office of the doctors. There are different types of tables ranging from a simple flat slab to sophisticated adjustable equipment that can easily meet with the needs of patients of different sizes. All of these products are designed in a manner that they offer maximum comfort the patient and easy access to the physician.
The process of the diagnosis and treatment can make many patients nervous and anxious. Therefore, role of these medical tables is incredibly important, as they help doctors to calm down their patients and complete medical treatments with comfort and accessibility. Without usage of such equipment, as it will be extremely difficult for doctors to even begin the diagnosis or treatment procedure.

If you are planning to make an investment in arm tables, you need to make sure that you are purchasing products that have all modern features that meet with the latest standards of the medical industry. Find out whether the tables are made of quality materials and have the structure to match the needs of both doctors and patients. Your ultimate goal should be to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the products that you are going to purchase.
Internet is the best place for you to begin your search, as it enables you to find information about different manufacturers and compare their offered prices with others. Look for firms that have been there in the industry from a while and offer quality products at competitive prices. You need to make sure that they ensure to keep an eye on the given specifications. You also need to check the online reputation of the manufacturer before going any further in your research. In order to avoid any hassle later on, you are also recommended to check the warranty and return policy of the firm.
At the end, we can say that with the changing times and technology, it is crucial to modify or change the medical furniture based on the specific needs and preferences of both patient and doctors. Therefore, always make sure that equipment you purchase will comply with the modern industry trends.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

How manufacturers of medical equipment play an important role?

The manufacturing units of the medical tools play a vital role. A little flaw in the manufacturing of medical equipment can make a big difference. The adherence to the guidelines provided by the Physicians is a mandatory task of the manufacturers. The medical tables, which are commonly used in the medical rooms, have special guidelines, which need to be followed.

The guidelines are molded in such a way that the Physicians are able to carry their examination in a suitable manner and giving maximum benefit to the examinees. The manufacturers have to manufacture, keeping in mind two stakeholders, one being the Doctors and second one being, patients.

The medical examination room furniture needs to be efficient and accurate in terms of quality as well as functionality. The functionality can only come with the help of top-notch quality, which manufactures imbibe in the furniture. At times, we have seen that it becomes difficult for the patients to sit in a comfortable position. Keeping this in mind, the manufacturers make sure that the medical furniture manufactured from their units is up to the mark and the patients as well as Physicians are able to make good use of the medical furniture.

The manufacturers make sure that newer and newer solutions are made available for the physicians. The motive of researching new solutions is to make sure that the end users, who are the patients, are able to receive comfort in the medical examination room. The more than patients are in the comfort zone, the more ease with the physicians.

The physicians are able to comfort the patients and able to perform the surgery in the best manner. The assessment of the medical process can be done easily, when the patients are at a great ease. The patients can be at ease, only when the medical furniture is as efficient in serving the patients.

The manufacturers do make an effort to receive the guidelines from the Doctors, who can prove to be a boon for the manufacturing units. The units ensure that the adherence to the guidelines takes place in the most suitable manner. The list of authentic medical furniture providers can be taken from their respective websites. The comments and the reviews can be a great help in finding the best manufacturer from the rest.

Friday, 20 February 2015

How well versed are you with medical exam equipment?

Medical equipment is used in various health care centers, clinics, and labs. Doctors, nurses and other health care specialist require these gears to carry out different health care procedures.
Amongst all gears, medical exam table are most commonly used gear in medical industry. If you are running a medical health care center and want new exam table for your center, then before you purchase, it is important for you to stay informed about its parts and components in order to make a good deal.
Following are the parts and components of Medical Exam equipment in NYC

or elsewhere-


Battery backup

Standard 110 VAC or 220 VAC (50/60 Hz) battery pack is there in the examination table. Unique feature of this gear is it is automatically recharged, which is rare in other gears.
Hand and foot controllers
Table height, motion, and back can be adjusted by hand and foot controllers installed within the exam table.
  • Handheld remote: Height of the table is adjusted by handheld remote. Buttons on the remote are pressed to adjust the position of the table.
  • Foot controller: Likewise, height of the table is adjusted, back of the table is adjusted by foot controller remote.
Wheels and brakes
Exam tables have 5” in diameter swivel wheels attached to it that can be moved from on position to another. To stop the movement of table at a particular position or place, swivel wheels have three locks and one steering which when pressed helps in locking the wheels on a fixed position. To release the table from a fixed position, brakes need to be released.
Retractable footrest
Retractable footrest helps fixing patient position or angle on the table.
To position patient ankle on a fixed position on the table, stirrups on the gear helps in adjusting the ankle of patient to a respective position.
IV pole
For adjusting back of the table to desired position, IV knob is used.
Knee crutches
For conducting treatment of patient, position of patient needs to be fixed, which is done with the help of knee crutches. Besides this, even the height, leg angle can be adjusted.
Drain bag holder
To throw unwanted material after treatment of patient is carried out; drain bag attached with the table is taken out from the hoop assembly of the table.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

What are the benefits of C-Arm Imaging Tables?

Medical examination tables are commonly used in all health care centers. There are wide advantages of these in medical rooms of health centers.

If you are wondering about what are the advantages of examination tables like C-Arm imaging tables, following are few points that justifies the statement-

  • The foremost advantage of medical tables is that it helps in conducting medical treatment efficiently. With medical room tables, doctors are able to examine their patients well and carry out the treatment process effectively. Patients too can expect to get quality medical services, if tables are available in health centers (as they will not require standing or sit uncomfortably in a chair for their treatment process).
  • Next advantage of these tables is that it provides comfort to patients, while doctors are executing their treatment process. Patients can easily lie on the table, relax and leave the job to doctor.
  • Tables have storage boxes attached to it that allows keeping the necessary things into it, which are required by doctor during the treatment process. This avoids the need to buy additional boxes for storage.

From the above stated points, it must been clear to you what are the advantages of examination tables in health centers.
If you want to buy medical exam tables for your clinic, you need to find a reliable manufacturer.

Searching a provider is not an easy job today. This is because of the countless numbers of providers in market that confuses an individual and makes it difficult for him while making a choice.

To seek out the best provider, you need to list down few factors, which you must count upon, before placing your order.
Factors that are must to consider comprise of experience, deliverance quality, reliability, and credibility of the supplier. These all factors will help you out in finding few providers who can meet your demands.

In order to find such providers, searching on internet for a provider is the most viable option. List of providers will be available on internet from which you can make your choice. Reading the reviews on web will help you determine the reputation of a provider. Interview providers, verify their industry credentials, and choose the best one amongst the hoard.

Taking name and contact numbers of previous clients can also help you determine the quality of services they provide to their clients.

Monday, 12 January 2015

How medical exam tables helpful in diagnosing patients?

Diagnostic tables or examination tables are often found in doctor's offices, clinics, and emergency ward for treatment of patients. These may be used for both patient examination and treatment.

Versatility in table designs is possibly seen in health care centers, based on their requirement. Diagnostic tables with drawers, cabinets, and adjustable shelves are available. Medical centers can choose a perfect table with good storage capacity.

Drawers prove to be very helpful to keep medical equipment, store blankets, larger medical supplies, and patient samples. Open storage shelves under the table prove to be helpful for doctor to keep frequently used materials or equipment. Thus, additional storage area in tables can be a real advantage for the health care professionals.

Designing of table is done considering the spacing factor. It should have good leg rest and head rest sections. The tables can be of standard size and vary up to 52 inches in length. The leg rest in table can also be extended to 68 inches ensuring comfort of patients.
Patients vary in weights, heights, and sizes. It is important to select diagnostic tables that could safely support all patients. Tables are usually designed to hold 350 - 400 pounds. Other types of table can support patients up to 600 to 800 pounds.

Medical exam room tables have lifts up that allows adjusting the height of table. This gives comfort to health care professional to carry out diagnosis of patients easily. To allow patients comfortably get on and off the tables, step up platforms are there.

A spring is on the back of the table that makes easy to adjust the position of patients. This requires no need of staff members for manual adjustment.

These treatment benches are fully enclosed with a lamination that proves to be long lasting and durable. Thus, there is no need to worry about the durability feature.

Many benches alongside being durable come with a manufacturer's warranty. With guarantee of the product, buyer does not require worrying about the quality of the product.

Thus, these are a great investment for medical offices. If you own a health center and looking for quality tables, you must contact a reliable manufacturer. There are countless providers all around globe. Do not place your order to any random supplier, search well, and hire one who is reliable enough to provide quality medical gears.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

How table manufacturers are making it easy for patients and physicians?

The health industry has seen tremendous change in the recent times. The comfort of the patients has become a priority and the efforts for the same have been seen.

The physicians emphasize on providing comfort to the patients. The more the patients are in comfortable zone, the easier it becomes for them to conduct their medical treatment. The advance technology has allowed designing different types of table, which are able to give maximum comfort to the patients.

The different types of medical tables are as follows –

Exam Table – The exam tables are those tables, which help in conducting proctology, and OB/GYN, thyroid and urology. The in-built motor helps in controlling height and adjusting back positions. The table size is 21 in length, 74 in width and cushions are of 2 inches.

C-Arm Table –
This table is used for imaging medical procedures. The patients bearing the pain can draw benefits from this table. The pain care images can be done with the help of C-arm table. This table is 32 ½” high and its height can go as high as 36.5”. The thick blanket mattress is of 1”.

4 Way Float Table –

The feature of free-float is activated with the help of a push-button. The movement can be done in both the X and Y directions. There is no vibration as such, due to availability of heavy-duty bearings. The maximum load capacity of this table is 500 kilograms.

The above tables are the most readily used in the medical facilities. All the above tables include lift motors, battery backup and linear bearings. The body straps help in providing comfort to the patients and an easy access to the physicians.

The manufacturers of medical table in New York keep in mind the specification prescribed by the authorities. The adherence to the standards helps in a big way. Not only the patients but also physician’s interest is also kept in mind by the manufacturers. The patients as well as physicians feel at an ease.

There is a provision of return policy and warranty as well. The information about the same is available in the catalogue provided by the manufacturers. In case of technical support, the manufacturers are just a call away. The technical staff of the manufacturers entertains all the problems incurred during the medical procedure. The follow up process can be renewed for long with the help of a contract.