Friday, 20 February 2015

How well versed are you with medical exam equipment?

Medical equipment is used in various health care centers, clinics, and labs. Doctors, nurses and other health care specialist require these gears to carry out different health care procedures.
Amongst all gears, medical exam table are most commonly used gear in medical industry. If you are running a medical health care center and want new exam table for your center, then before you purchase, it is important for you to stay informed about its parts and components in order to make a good deal.
Following are the parts and components of Medical Exam equipment in NYC

or elsewhere-


Battery backup

Standard 110 VAC or 220 VAC (50/60 Hz) battery pack is there in the examination table. Unique feature of this gear is it is automatically recharged, which is rare in other gears.
Hand and foot controllers
Table height, motion, and back can be adjusted by hand and foot controllers installed within the exam table.
  • Handheld remote: Height of the table is adjusted by handheld remote. Buttons on the remote are pressed to adjust the position of the table.
  • Foot controller: Likewise, height of the table is adjusted, back of the table is adjusted by foot controller remote.
Wheels and brakes
Exam tables have 5” in diameter swivel wheels attached to it that can be moved from on position to another. To stop the movement of table at a particular position or place, swivel wheels have three locks and one steering which when pressed helps in locking the wheels on a fixed position. To release the table from a fixed position, brakes need to be released.
Retractable footrest
Retractable footrest helps fixing patient position or angle on the table.
To position patient ankle on a fixed position on the table, stirrups on the gear helps in adjusting the ankle of patient to a respective position.
IV pole
For adjusting back of the table to desired position, IV knob is used.
Knee crutches
For conducting treatment of patient, position of patient needs to be fixed, which is done with the help of knee crutches. Besides this, even the height, leg angle can be adjusted.
Drain bag holder
To throw unwanted material after treatment of patient is carried out; drain bag attached with the table is taken out from the hoop assembly of the table.