Friday, 17 October 2014

Choose the right kind of furniture for a medical room

The furniture in medical facilities holds such an important place in hospitals. The patients as well as practitioners are at an ease in making full use of furniture. Moreover, customized furniture is also available for accommodating different needs. 
When it comes to check patients in a medical examination room, exam room furniture need to give comfort and ease to patients as well as to the medical practitioners. The possibility of doing work in a medical exam room is only possible when the medical components, furniture is in good shape and able to deliver in an anticipated manner. 

The medical procedures are a difficult task and the procedure might become even more difficult to proceed without availability of standardized medical furniture. The approach of manufacturing customer friendly furniture allows patients to feel at an ease while healing. The assessment process for physicians might become herculean task, if there is no proper arrangement of furniture in an exam room.  The furniture like recovery couches will enable an injured to sit in a comfortable posture, as a result, they will get appropriate rest and remedial procedures can be done. 
Following are the prominent furniture, which are present in an examination hall. This is the most commonly used furniture in an examination hall. 

The power procedure table, which has an articulating backrest and elevated leg rest pad, is customized according to the need of patients. The heavy-duty drawers are convenient and dependable furniture for multi-purpose usage. 

The chair with side arms is a perfect chair for patients to sit while waiting in the hall. The side arms provide comfort and allow sitting and standing easily. The material used in chair is stain resistant and easy to wipe. 

The medical comfort stool comes with a backrest, threaded stem, and foot ring. It allows Doctors or specialists to move around freely with the help of comfort stool.

The exam room cabinetry is a good option to keep all the stuff of medical records. It can withstand any amount of pressure, the adjustable door hinges is a good option in a medical room. The laminates above the surface give a sophisticated and classy look to the cabinetry.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

What to look for in a C Arm table before purchasing?

In health care field, medical equipment play an important role. Equipment like tables are necessary in various medical treatments. During medical procedures, patients sit or lay on them. There are various types of tables used for different treatments like X-rays, radiotherapy and cardiovascular treatments etc. In these many types, C-arm tables are used in imaging procedures like fluoroscopic and pain care.

Since C-Arm sitting equipment are used in several healthcare procedures, their demand also increases. Healthcare centers like hospitals, clinics or physician’s offices buy them. However, before purchasing, one must look for some important things like:

Imaging area –
Imaging area is very necessary in any table. Since they are used for imaging procedure, it is necessary that they provide enough space to take better images. If space is small, it will become difficult to take good and clear images. This is the reason why before purchasing, one must look if tool has enough imaging area.

Height – Height is another fact that should be considered before purchasing. In some medical procedures, sitting instrument should be lower while in some other treatments, it should be higher. However, it depends on the requirement of healthcare center, which height they consider. Before buying, it is necessary that one makes sure of proper height. Some sitting equipment are available with control panel, which can adjust its elevation.

Positioning –
For getting better images, it is necessary that sitting instrument’s positioning is right. If it is not positioned properly, imaging machines won’t be able to work. Before buying, one must make sure, if sitting equipment can change positions easily. Some equipment also come with a control panel, which can control settings. Buying a tool with control panels can help a lot during healthcare procedures.

Comfort – In any medical treatment, it is important that patient feels comfortable enough. Before buying, one must see if it is comfortable. It should be accessible for physicians too, so that they can do their work properly.

Weight capacity – It is another quality that should be seen in C-arm tables. Different sitting instruments come with different load capacities. However, it should be capable of handling patient’s weight. Before purchasing, one must make sure that it can handle weight of patients while staying stable.

Durability – Durability is another quality that one must look for in sitting equipment. In healthcare centers, tools must last for years since it is not possible to buy new ones every once in a while. Purchasing new tools is not only expensive but also time consuming.

While buying a table for any healthcare center, one must look for these qualities.