Friday, 26 December 2014

How to find the best ultrasound table manufacturer?

Searching for quality products requires intense research work, especially when seeking for good quality ultrasound tables.

Before placing the order, there are many essential factors to consider, out of which few are listed below-
Use your network- Count your opinion first before you rely on anyone else. When searching for your medical devices manufacturing provider, you must first take references from your network. Prepare a list of suppliers you find trustworthy. Talk to each one of them to conclude. Do not hesitate to ask questions from the providers.

Look for experience-
Another factor to consider before making a purchase is count on experience of the provider. Evaluate the provider, so that you can hire the best provider for your requirements. To check experience of provider, you can ask people of the same industry or view on internet.

Count on credibility- Next factor to consider is credibility or reliability of the manufacturer. They should be trusted sources for supplying the best medical devices. In order to check the credibility of the provider, you can count on their experience or reviews of customers.

Manufacturer location is another factor to take into account. The company must be near to the buyer’s location, so that immediate needs can be met on time.

At times when large orders are placed, buyers do not require waiting for a long time. Good manufacturers are always capable to meet all the demand right on time.

Communication-Lastly, communication factor is must to be checked. How good they are in dealing with the clients, do they communicate nicely and other necessary aspects related to communication is must to check.

From the above listed factors, you must have got an idea what all factors you need to consider when placing order for medical ultrasound table.

Therefore, make sure your manufacturer has all these qualities, so that you do not have to regret on your decision later on. Besides using your network for finding a good provider, you can also take help of internet. List of manufacturers will be displayed in front of you from which you need to choose the best and reliable source who will meet your demands on time.

So, research well and make a wise decision before you place any order for your medical needs.

Friday, 12 December 2014

How medical equipment manufacturers take all the given parameters in to being?

The health and care industry has its significance in today’s time. The availability of medical services is a boon to the humankind. By adding technological aspects in the manufacturing, the manufacturers of medical components are able to make a huge difference.

The manufacturers of surgical components keep one thing in mind – providing maximum comfort to the patients. The production of ultrasound tables is one such classic example. While a patient is lying on this table, a number of adjustments can be made for making it comfortable. The adjustments can be helpful for a physician and a patient.

This is one of the few advances adjustable equipment in a laboratory, which can accommodate a patient’s need. This table has features like casters, lectrolite pad, guardrails, and 4 poles, which are sufficient in providing enough comfort and tranquility to mind. The table has a width of 24” and length of 78” and is weigh at 450 lbs. The height adjustability is 21*74. The free float table top, lift motors and even battery option is also given in some of the designated models.

The medical procedures might be difficult or stressful for patients. The manufacturers taking help of the technology have made efforts to provide tables that give extreme rest to patients on tables. These tables are enough to make patients feel calm and at rest at these tables. The physicians do not need to make extra efforts to give tranquilizers or at a position, which does not allow them to perform with an ease. The tables are capable enough of providing enough space to them to perform at their own ease without affecting any of the parameters.

The role of these tables cannot be ignored. The value of these tables in a medical facility is immense. These are some of the prominent models of tables- MD-250, Model SC-500, Model FCA-1000 and AIC-2500, each of which has its own characteristics. The basic structure and functionality remaining the same besides there is one or two additions are there.

The manufacturers of tables are offering benefits on purchases. These benefits are due to happy season and even special discounts are available for the patients. The technical services from OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) are provided to the patients. The services include- troubleshooting, replacement of parts and warranty for a period. There is availability of multi-year packages as well. These packages are of immense value if drawn with utmost care.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Medical Furniture brings life to you!

Furniture is something which not only revamps your room but also makes it warm and cozy. There are times when you fall ill and forced to spent months sometimes years unwillingly. Don’t you think that will be more sickening. It will be more dreadful specifically when you have to spend that difficult time sleeping or sitting in uncomfortable and mangy furniture.

Filthy surroundings with grubby furniture in a place like hospital will make your patients more ill. That will end on losing the popularity of your business by trimming the list of regular patients. Do you want that to happen with you? I am sure that nobody wants that to happen with their business, because loosing even a single patient is like losing precious a gem. Not only a patient but the reputation of your entire business is at stake. So make sure you get your hospital furniture from the best company.

Here are few tips to ordering furniture-

Not only for reception or exam room, furniture of your entire hospital should be first class and designed especially to meet the comfort of patients. 

Hospitals are the place where people will always go reluctantly. At times they are brought in miserable condition where no treatment proves curable for them. All hospital staff can do is provide them comfortable furniture and exceptional concern.

There are different types of chairs and tables used for diagnosis purpose such as variety of Wheel chares for patients who are unable to walk. Tables like ultrasound tables, operation theatre tables cum beds, Maternity tables, MRI diagnosis Tables, ICU room furniture etc.So make sure that every single chare and table is exclusively designed.

Always find a trustworthy supplier who can supply you multiple products to meet the requirement of your office at affordable price and brings the maximum comfort to your patients.

If you are new to the profession and dealers are offering you furniture comparatively at much low cost then doubtlessly there is something fishy. May be they are trying to doge you by selling poor quality of material. Never make a deal with such dealers because one bad product may risk the life of your profession so be careful while finalizing a deal.

Make necessary enquiry that you get best furniture, which are easily adjustable, movable and compatible to meet patients need. You need not to pay extra money to anybody for consulting. All you have to do is just spend some time surfing in internet and make a list. There you will get all the necessary information and also the best and most popular brand.

So do make sure that you keep all these things in mind your mind before going to purchase furniture for your hospital.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Choose the right kind of furniture for a medical room

The furniture in medical facilities holds such an important place in hospitals. The patients as well as practitioners are at an ease in making full use of furniture. Moreover, customized furniture is also available for accommodating different needs. 
When it comes to check patients in a medical examination room, exam room furniture need to give comfort and ease to patients as well as to the medical practitioners. The possibility of doing work in a medical exam room is only possible when the medical components, furniture is in good shape and able to deliver in an anticipated manner. 

The medical procedures are a difficult task and the procedure might become even more difficult to proceed without availability of standardized medical furniture. The approach of manufacturing customer friendly furniture allows patients to feel at an ease while healing. The assessment process for physicians might become herculean task, if there is no proper arrangement of furniture in an exam room.  The furniture like recovery couches will enable an injured to sit in a comfortable posture, as a result, they will get appropriate rest and remedial procedures can be done. 
Following are the prominent furniture, which are present in an examination hall. This is the most commonly used furniture in an examination hall. 

The power procedure table, which has an articulating backrest and elevated leg rest pad, is customized according to the need of patients. The heavy-duty drawers are convenient and dependable furniture for multi-purpose usage. 

The chair with side arms is a perfect chair for patients to sit while waiting in the hall. The side arms provide comfort and allow sitting and standing easily. The material used in chair is stain resistant and easy to wipe. 

The medical comfort stool comes with a backrest, threaded stem, and foot ring. It allows Doctors or specialists to move around freely with the help of comfort stool.

The exam room cabinetry is a good option to keep all the stuff of medical records. It can withstand any amount of pressure, the adjustable door hinges is a good option in a medical room. The laminates above the surface give a sophisticated and classy look to the cabinetry.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

What to look for in a C Arm table before purchasing?

In health care field, medical equipment play an important role. Equipment like tables are necessary in various medical treatments. During medical procedures, patients sit or lay on them. There are various types of tables used for different treatments like X-rays, radiotherapy and cardiovascular treatments etc. In these many types, C-arm tables are used in imaging procedures like fluoroscopic and pain care.

Since C-Arm sitting equipment are used in several healthcare procedures, their demand also increases. Healthcare centers like hospitals, clinics or physician’s offices buy them. However, before purchasing, one must look for some important things like:

Imaging area –
Imaging area is very necessary in any table. Since they are used for imaging procedure, it is necessary that they provide enough space to take better images. If space is small, it will become difficult to take good and clear images. This is the reason why before purchasing, one must look if tool has enough imaging area.

Height – Height is another fact that should be considered before purchasing. In some medical procedures, sitting instrument should be lower while in some other treatments, it should be higher. However, it depends on the requirement of healthcare center, which height they consider. Before buying, it is necessary that one makes sure of proper height. Some sitting equipment are available with control panel, which can adjust its elevation.

Positioning –
For getting better images, it is necessary that sitting instrument’s positioning is right. If it is not positioned properly, imaging machines won’t be able to work. Before buying, one must make sure, if sitting equipment can change positions easily. Some equipment also come with a control panel, which can control settings. Buying a tool with control panels can help a lot during healthcare procedures.

Comfort – In any medical treatment, it is important that patient feels comfortable enough. Before buying, one must see if it is comfortable. It should be accessible for physicians too, so that they can do their work properly.

Weight capacity – It is another quality that should be seen in C-arm tables. Different sitting instruments come with different load capacities. However, it should be capable of handling patient’s weight. Before purchasing, one must make sure that it can handle weight of patients while staying stable.

Durability – Durability is another quality that one must look for in sitting equipment. In healthcare centers, tools must last for years since it is not possible to buy new ones every once in a while. Purchasing new tools is not only expensive but also time consuming.

While buying a table for any healthcare center, one must look for these qualities.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

How well do you know your medical exam tables?

Medical appliances play a significant role in medical industry. Out of all, examination table is the most useful and frequently used one by doctors and nurses in health care centers.

Medical appliances are designed specifically considering the need of medical specialists to treat patients.

Following are the parts and components of medical exam table:

Power supplies

Battery backup is there in the table. Standard 110 VAC or 220 VAC (50/60 Hz) battery pack is installed. The gear automatically gets recharged, even while it is being used.

Hand and foot controllers

To manipulate the table height, motion, and back, according to the patient, hand and foot controllers are installed with the table.

Handheld remote: It is used to change the height or position of gear. Appropriate buttons are made on remote that are to be pressed till the time gear is not taken to the right position.

Foot controller:
According to the patient position, back of the table is controlled by foot controllers remote. For vertical lift, left foot-control needs to be operated; for Trendelenberg and reverse Trendelenberg position, middle controller is used and to change fowler-back position from 0 to 85 degree right foot-controller is pressed and released.

Wheels and brakes

5” in diameter swivel wheels are used that comprise of three locks and one steering, which helps to stop the movement of table at a particular place. To put the brakes, lock at the wheels is pressed downwards and to move the table, brakes are released back to its place.

Retractable footrest

To secure patient position or angle, retractable footrest is installed on the table.


For position the patient ankle, stirrups are there on the gear, which helps in doing it. The length of stirrups can be adjusted according to the ankle of patient (loosened or tightened with a knob).

IV pole

In order to take the back of the table to desired position, IV knob is used to maneuver up and down.

Knee crutches

To hold the knee of patient on right position, knee crutches are installed. The height, leg angle, and crutch pads can be adjusted easily using a knob.

Drain bag holder

Once position of table is done, drain bag is taken out from the hoop assembly of the table to through unwanted material or things.

If interested to buy medical examination table for your health care center, you must contact a good manufacturer, who will provide you quality and structured products.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Medical tables - A Must-Have for Conducting Tests and Procedures!

No medical unit can provide services to its patient if it does not have proper equipment and tools that are necessary for administering the required procedures and performing the tests. Every unit across the medical industry requires medical examination tables, chairs, x-ray machines, radiological tools, mammography related equipment, weight scales, and many other tools for diagnostic purposes.

The type of medical stuff required may vary from unit to unit, but a medical table is something that is required everywhere. If the hospital is big, it will need all types of machines and equipment, but tables and beds is something, which even small offices will need to make their patients comfortable while diagnostics are being performed.

Some people think that all medical tables are same, which is far from truth.  A good way to understand this is that the way there are different doctors for treating different diseases, just like that different health problems require different examination beds and tables. This is necessary because different types will accommodate administering different tests that a doctor has to conduct.

The most common type in this aspect is the one we see in the offices of most of the general practitioners. Those beds are all encompassing in nature. This nature allows the doctor to transform them in a way that would accommodate various types of procedures, depending on the need. It is because they come with various accessories that can be removed and modified depending on the requirement.

This type of furniture is great for medical offices that provide treatment for minor ailments. If a physician provides more specialized treatment, he should find a product that would be fit for particular tests.

To get to know what type will be best for your needs, do make sure to check out variety of products to see which one will be the best. It is true that many fields do not require such tables, but the number of fields that do not require is very little. Areas such as nephrology, phlebotomy, and gynecology are the ones where beds and tables are a must-have.

Although it is good to go for a product that can be modified by the addition or removal of accessories, it is advised to go for a specialized bed, if a certain procedure has to be performed repeatedly every day. In such units, it is best to buy a product meant for specific purpose only.