Tuesday, 23 September 2014

How well do you know your medical exam tables?

Medical appliances play a significant role in medical industry. Out of all, examination table is the most useful and frequently used one by doctors and nurses in health care centers.

Medical appliances are designed specifically considering the need of medical specialists to treat patients.

Following are the parts and components of medical exam table:

Power supplies

Battery backup is there in the table. Standard 110 VAC or 220 VAC (50/60 Hz) battery pack is installed. The gear automatically gets recharged, even while it is being used.

Hand and foot controllers

To manipulate the table height, motion, and back, according to the patient, hand and foot controllers are installed with the table.

Handheld remote: It is used to change the height or position of gear. Appropriate buttons are made on remote that are to be pressed till the time gear is not taken to the right position.

Foot controller:
According to the patient position, back of the table is controlled by foot controllers remote. For vertical lift, left foot-control needs to be operated; for Trendelenberg and reverse Trendelenberg position, middle controller is used and to change fowler-back position from 0 to 85 degree right foot-controller is pressed and released.

Wheels and brakes

5” in diameter swivel wheels are used that comprise of three locks and one steering, which helps to stop the movement of table at a particular place. To put the brakes, lock at the wheels is pressed downwards and to move the table, brakes are released back to its place.

Retractable footrest

To secure patient position or angle, retractable footrest is installed on the table.


For position the patient ankle, stirrups are there on the gear, which helps in doing it. The length of stirrups can be adjusted according to the ankle of patient (loosened or tightened with a knob).

IV pole

In order to take the back of the table to desired position, IV knob is used to maneuver up and down.

Knee crutches

To hold the knee of patient on right position, knee crutches are installed. The height, leg angle, and crutch pads can be adjusted easily using a knob.

Drain bag holder

Once position of table is done, drain bag is taken out from the hoop assembly of the table to through unwanted material or things.

If interested to buy medical examination table for your health care center, you must contact a good manufacturer, who will provide you quality and structured products.

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