Thursday, 1 January 2015

How table manufacturers are making it easy for patients and physicians?

The health industry has seen tremendous change in the recent times. The comfort of the patients has become a priority and the efforts for the same have been seen.

The physicians emphasize on providing comfort to the patients. The more the patients are in comfortable zone, the easier it becomes for them to conduct their medical treatment. The advance technology has allowed designing different types of table, which are able to give maximum comfort to the patients.

The different types of medical tables are as follows –

Exam Table – The exam tables are those tables, which help in conducting proctology, and OB/GYN, thyroid and urology. The in-built motor helps in controlling height and adjusting back positions. The table size is 21 in length, 74 in width and cushions are of 2 inches.

C-Arm Table –
This table is used for imaging medical procedures. The patients bearing the pain can draw benefits from this table. The pain care images can be done with the help of C-arm table. This table is 32 ½” high and its height can go as high as 36.5”. The thick blanket mattress is of 1”.

4 Way Float Table –

The feature of free-float is activated with the help of a push-button. The movement can be done in both the X and Y directions. There is no vibration as such, due to availability of heavy-duty bearings. The maximum load capacity of this table is 500 kilograms.

The above tables are the most readily used in the medical facilities. All the above tables include lift motors, battery backup and linear bearings. The body straps help in providing comfort to the patients and an easy access to the physicians.

The manufacturers of medical table in New York keep in mind the specification prescribed by the authorities. The adherence to the standards helps in a big way. Not only the patients but also physician’s interest is also kept in mind by the manufacturers. The patients as well as physicians feel at an ease.

There is a provision of return policy and warranty as well. The information about the same is available in the catalogue provided by the manufacturers. In case of technical support, the manufacturers are just a call away. The technical staff of the manufacturers entertains all the problems incurred during the medical procedure. The follow up process can be renewed for long with the help of a contract.

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